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Happy Birthday, Mr. C

July 11th was Mr. C’s 39th Birthday.  I only do amazing things for birthdays.  Remember last year? Embrace Your Inner Old Man

This year started out amazing for Mr. C, well at least for me.  Mr. C’s birthday is supposed to be all about me anyways. This is what happens after you get married.  The day started off nice and early for him because he was nice enough to take the 3AM feeding shift.  In my defense I didn’t even hear Miss Mila cry.

As the day continued it just got better for me.  Mr. C left for work and then what do you know he came home and surprised his girls with crepes for breakfast. Can he have a birthday every day? I think I get used to his birthday. If you are wondering he bought crepes at The French Crepe Company To be completely honest don’t ever get the crepes to go. They are much better in person.

Despite how awful I am on his birthday I did actually plan something. I even got dressed for  this something, which was a challenge in and of itself.  I had to try on about 4 different dresses from my closet all of which didn’t fit, so I ended up with a high waisted one since large bellies fit better in these.

Getting our night started…

Always, dessert first

Dinner at Animal The food was great, the flavors very bold. 4 stars out of 5 for me. Although everything I had was good, it just felt like something was missing.

My favorite was the Ceviche, it even had little flowers in it. Flowers make everything better. I’m going to try and start adding them to my food at home. Do you think they would make my Grape-Nuts any better?

My next favorite was the Quail Legs

After Dinner we decided to go real crazy and get drinks at Playa.  This is a must try.  The drinks were amazing and the bartender and hostess were super sweet.

Are you getting tired of photos of me? What, you want to see the birthday boy? Looking pretty good for the big 39.

And for good measure here are some more of me.  Remember it is my day.

This day will also go down in history as the first night I was asked if I could drive our babysitter home.  Mr. C volunteered, but I have seen too many movies for me to let that one happen.  This was also the first time I left Mila with a babysitter.  She slept the whole time and we only texted our babysitter a few times, depending on your definition of a few. Thanks, Michi for watching sleeping Mila while Mr. C and I partied the Wednesday night away.  Speaking of Wednesday nights, I felt pretty cool when we got to Playa and they were closing.  We are hip.  Too bad they close at 11pm otherwise I would have felt really cool.

Mr. C Gets a Little too Excited

This weekend was quite eventful. We decided to introduce Mila to all of Mr. C’s favorite spots.  Since it was going to be a big day Mila decided she wanted to be a big girl and use the big girl chair in the stroller for the first time.  What a show off!

Off we went to Mr. C’s top favorite…Kmart  Don’t you just see the excitement in his eyes.

Then we moved along to his second favorite Ross Dress For Less.

He couldn’t contain his excitement anymore and decided to act a little crazy.  Seriously, Mr. C? We can’t take you anywhere.

This weekend I have a feeling I will be going down in history as the best Mom in the whole entire world.  If you would like to be as great of a Mom as me you better start off by not buying that mobile or activity mat you have been meaning to get for the last 3 months.  Instead you should develop your own.  It will definitely be much better than anything you could buy in the store.

If that doesn’t keep your baby’s interest for very long then you should take them to meet Mario Lopez.  While doing so, please make sure that your son/daughter is aware that you are only going to see him because it brings back fond memories of your childhood and watching Saved By the Bell.

The last thing you should do is introduce your baby to make-up.  It doesn’t matter how young or old your child is.  She may not trust you at first, but afterwards she will love you.  Just don’t tell Mr. C.



Embrace Your Inner Old Man

Yes, I am a terrible wife.  I know, please don’t verbally remind me because this would hold up in court as abuse.  I could give numerous excuses as to why I didn’t do anything great for Mr. C’s birthday, but I will just leave it at I am going through “female” problems.  This is one of the best things about being female.  You can use the term “female problems,” and get out of just about anything.  Men just go silent.

For Mr. C’s birthday I took him to Canter’s Deli. I am not sure if you have ever been to Canter’s on a Monday night at about 6PM, but if you ever want to know what it is like to be old this would be the time and place to be.  The perfect place for a birthday dinner!

Mr. C knows I will make it up to him, so he pretends to be excited.  He loves me.

Mr. C is Full of Surprises

True Story…At breakfast, after Mr. C and I sat down and got all situated he looked at me with this excited look and said “I have a surprise for you!”  I got all excited because it is really hard to pull off a surprise with me and it is not something Mr. C does very often.  Then he pulls out his camera.  A smile was creeping on my face, my eyes got big and my heart started speeding up, “this is going to be good.” What could it be?  A new Mac Book Air?  A spa treatment? A vacation? Slyly he takes my camera and takes a picture of me with both of them.  Then he proceeds to show me the results.  Huh?  Where’s my surprise?  What is going on here? Quit messing around.  Mr. C proceeds to inform me that taking a picture with 2 cameras at the same time was really the surprise.  He doesn’t have anything for me.  “No really, give me my surprise and quit messing around.” Long Pause…”Sorry.”

Could someone please tell me why I would think that is cool?  I already have plenty of pictures of myself.  I gave him the biggest eye roll and was sure to tell him, as well as, the rest of the restaurant that is not a surprise and that he is majorly lame.  I hope he liked my surprise punch to the face.  I hit hard.

I’d like for him to remember his last trip to the hospital before pulling another one of these stunts.

Stay tuned for more of San Diego tomorrow.  We go to the zoo and eat lasagna.  It is exciting.

Stripping and Excel

I am really embarrassed.  People actually read my blog.  People that I know. Over the last week I have gotten a few comments about why I haven’t been updating and how people have missed reading my blog. Please keep reading, but please don’t mention it to me.  Quicker than you know I would be in the corner in the fetal position looking for comfort.

I haven’t not (is that proper English?) been updating because of a lack of things to say.  I will never run out of things to talk about (just ask Mr. C).  Really a blog is just plain time consuming.  Like I have said before I watch a lot of TV.  In case you missed it Gossip Girl is back on this week.

Anyways, moving on.

On Saturday my friend and I went out to Hollywood.

This always reminds me of why I am happy to not be in the Los Angeles dating pool.  There are a lot of douche bags out there.  Just the thought of weeding through these is exhausting.  For example, the first guy to approach my friend started the conversation out by asking if we had ever been to  the Spearmint Rhino (a strip club).  My friend didn’t know what it was, but I did because I am a dirty dirty girl.  (Kidding, Mom I am still your conservative innocent girl) He later let us know he goes to strip clubs almost everyday.  I told him I recommend the one up the street that says GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS because it has flashy lights , Greek water fountains and looks real classy.

Somehow he segwayed the conversation to Excel.  I think we made him repeat the question about 10 times because I knew I wasn’t hearing him right when he asked us what version of Excel we use.  For the record I still use the XP version, but really where was this going?  Stripping and Excel. Awesome.  “Dude, my friend and I both need the restroom and we will continue this when we get back.”  For some reason we couldn’t find him when we came back.  Then again, we didn’t look very hard.

When I was dating I had a list.   Please don’t think I am shallow because most everything was about looks and money.  Of course I had the given things on my list honest, likes giving head massages, kind, loves giving foot massages, makes me laugh, loves to clean the house…you get the idea.

What I remember from my list:

Blondish Brown slightly curly hair
Blue or Green eyes preferably green
Minimal body hair
Plays Soccer
Can play the piano but true passion is the drums
Added bonus if he can play guitar
Music lover, doesn’t mind my passion for Britney Spears
Loves the beach
Taller than 5ft 8in…Perfect would be 6 ft
Not too much muscle, but perfectly fit – nice abs
Ambitious or wealthy
Super Super fine

Luckily I wasn’t very strict with The List.