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Happy Birthday, Mr. C

July 11th was Mr. C’s 39th Birthday.  I only do amazing things for birthdays.  Remember last year? Embrace Your Inner Old Man

This year started out amazing for Mr. C, well at least for me.  Mr. C’s birthday is supposed to be all about me anyways. This is what happens after you get married.  The day started off nice and early for him because he was nice enough to take the 3AM feeding shift.  In my defense I didn’t even hear Miss Mila cry.

As the day continued it just got better for me.  Mr. C left for work and then what do you know he came home and surprised his girls with crepes for breakfast. Can he have a birthday every day? I think I get used to his birthday. If you are wondering he bought crepes at The French Crepe Company To be completely honest don’t ever get the crepes to go. They are much better in person.

Despite how awful I am on his birthday I did actually plan something. I even got dressed for  this something, which was a challenge in and of itself.  I had to try on about 4 different dresses from my closet all of which didn’t fit, so I ended up with a high waisted one since large bellies fit better in these.

Getting our night started…

Always, dessert first

Dinner at Animal The food was great, the flavors very bold. 4 stars out of 5 for me. Although everything I had was good, it just felt like something was missing.

My favorite was the Ceviche, it even had little flowers in it. Flowers make everything better. I’m going to try and start adding them to my food at home. Do you think they would make my Grape-Nuts any better?

My next favorite was the Quail Legs

After Dinner we decided to go real crazy and get drinks at Playa.  This is a must try.  The drinks were amazing and the bartender and hostess were super sweet.

Are you getting tired of photos of me? What, you want to see the birthday boy? Looking pretty good for the big 39.

And for good measure here are some more of me.  Remember it is my day.

This day will also go down in history as the first night I was asked if I could drive our babysitter home.  Mr. C volunteered, but I have seen too many movies for me to let that one happen.  This was also the first time I left Mila with a babysitter.  She slept the whole time and we only texted our babysitter a few times, depending on your definition of a few. Thanks, Michi for watching sleeping Mila while Mr. C and I partied the Wednesday night away.  Speaking of Wednesday nights, I felt pretty cool when we got to Playa and they were closing.  We are hip.  Too bad they close at 11pm otherwise I would have felt really cool.

Memorial Day Weekend has been Rescheduled

When you have your own business the days become all distorted.  You forget holidays and weekends and for me alarms clocks.  Although who needs an alarm clock when you are up all night and day anyways.  Apparently newborns tend to need to eat a lot.  Someone should have told me how exhausting that really is.  Maybe I really should have done this whole kid thing in my twenties instead of partying until the wee hours of the morning.  Today I have probably spent 3-4 hours just trying to put Mila down for a nap.  That rocker of ours gets a lot of rocking time that is for sure.  Mila likes to play this trick on us where she is sound asleep and then when you stand up her eyes are wide open.  She is so tired but doesn’t want to miss anything.  Everyone always says “Sleep when your baby sleeps,” but can someone tell me when I sleep if my baby doesn’t ever sleep. Here is proof that she does sleep, but still keeps her eyes peeking in case she misses something.

We have decided to reschedule Memorial Day because it doesn’t really fit into our schedules this week.  Does anyone else want to celebrate next weekend?  We are getting away to Palm Springs and their definitely will be some grilling.  Oh…You have to work?  Sorry.

Although we aren’t celebrating this weekend doesn’t mean it hasn’t been an eventful day.  I put Mila in pants for the first time since she has been home.  I don’t normally put her pants because it takes too long to take them on and off.  And this girl needs to be changed all the time.  She is a pooping machine.

The pants didn’t last very long unfortunately because about an hour later she sort of had a blow out and they went to the washing machine.  What did I tell you?  She is a well oiled machine.

Just so we didn’t feel too bad that we were going to be stuck in the house all day we decided to pack an amazing picnic with an artisan meat and cheese plate, an orzo pasta salad, house roasted turkey, apricot fig chutney on a baguette and lavender lemon bars.  The only problem was our local Subway didn’t carry any of those things.  So, I got a $5 footlong and cherry Coke.  Life is hard.

I thought Mila was going to sleep the whole time in her stroller.

But of course she wanted to be up in everyones business.

I decided to feed her, her first Subway sandwich.  Open up Mila – you need to eat your share and sleep tonight.

She also got to try a Cheeto.  She is definitely related because she even licked her fingers clean.

We had a great Memorial Day hour in the park.

Mila screamed the whole way home.  Well almost the whole way… we stopped and fed her so she would be quiet.

Where in the World is Camacho? San Diego Part 2

When I was at BYU I had to pick a science class to fill my general education requirement.  I hate science.  I don’t know why but it just doesn’t interest me.  Don’t get my wrong, I like a little chemistry ;) but other than that I could skip all science classes and be okay with that.  When debating what class to take I decided to ask a science master, my Dad.  He recommended Zoology.  I like animals.  How hard could it be to learn about animals?  Possibly fun?  The class didn’t go as planned.  I hated it.  We had to memorize all these different types of parasites and I don’t even remember what else. The only thing I liked about the class was my study partner. Thanks, Dad…who knew hot guys like animals?  This was the worse grade I got in college.  It may have been because I had more interest in my study partner, but really I think it was because I couldn’t stay awake in class.  In honor of my Zoology class I got a membership to the San Diego Zoo.  I have been a member for a year now and have never been.  Oops. We decided to hit it up this trip before my membership runs out.  I am not renewing.  I can only have so much animals.

This zoo is big.  I don’t even think we saw 1/2 of it.  I didn’t want to miss anything, so we took the Skyfari ride and saw the entire zoo in about 3 minutes, so if you are looking for a really quick visit this would be the best way to go.  We did it twice just to be sure we didn’t miss anything.

My Favorites:


We waited and waited for this guy to jump in the water.  Right when we left we heard everyone scrambling.  So we used our speed tactics and squirmed our way back to the front.

Don’t you hate it when random kids jump in your picture.  I gave him the evil stare until he moved.

This guy better watch out.  I am giving my fierce look.


We stood in line to see these guys and although I didn’t get any good pictures.  They were amazing.  This guy even did flips when he saw me.

What can I say? It was love.


We saw an entire family of gorillas, but every time I came by they started to run.  They said it was something about my smell.  I blame it on the zoo.  Zoos have strange smells that stick with you.

Had to wrestle this guy to the ground just so he would stay put.

You don’t want to know what goes on behind these doors, but Mr. C and I need a moment.  I hope you don’t mind.

Where in the World is Camacho? San Diego.

It was Fourth of July weekend and in an effort to be  a better fashionista I decided to be like my fashion idols

and wear as much red, white and blue as possible.  Starting off with a solid look…

Additionally, we were true Americans and had BLUEberry pancakes at the local IHOP.

Is it a bad sign when the people at IHOP recognize you and treat you like a regular?  Although our IHOP is very high class, they have valet service and everything.  I have never used it since we live about 1/2 a block from the entrance, but I have been tempted.  Some days I am tired and don’t want the extra exercise.  They don’t know my name yet, but it is getting way too close.  I swear I won’t go again for a few weeks.  Maybe they will get a new staff by then.

Then, in true Los Angeles fashion we sat in this for about 2 hours…

and then continued to look at this for another 2 hours…

Good thing we waited until Saturday to avoid the holiday traffic.  At least I had all my road trip essentials.

All the time in the car gave me plenty of time to catch up on important news.  Just to make sure Mr. C was aware of the utmost important things I read the “Stars They’re Just Like Us” out loud.  I really needed him to know that

July 11th issue
They bag their own produce – Halle Berry
They cool off – Mario Lopez
They snap pics of their kids – Marcia Cross
They practice yoga – Tori Spelling

July 4th issue
They check out produce – Ashley Greene
They dine with friends – Chelsea Clinton
They change into flip flops – Dakota Fanning
They use porta potties – Ashley Judd

If you ask me “Stars” is used pretty loosely.

When we finally got to our hotel (Westin Gas Lamp) at 4pm I was amazed at how nice everyone was being.  I felt like a celebrity.  Maybe celebrities are just like me.  Then the nice front desk lady let us know our room was still not cleaned.  I whipped out my Gold Member card just to make sure she knew this was unacceptable, but before I could even throw it in her face she quickly said “we have your gold status on file here and will call you when your room is done.”  All I could do is say under my breath “Celebrities are NOT just like me, I don’t see any pictures of them waiting around for their hotel room”  Since I was not feeling in the 4th of July spirit anymore we went to have chips and guacamole and drink green drinks at La Puerta.  I highly recommend both, but please beware.

It is a good thing our room was now ready because I’m not so sure it would have been a pretty sight.  In their (Westin) credit our room was nice.  It was newly remodeled and we were on the top floor.  I would def stay here again.  Who can resist the heavenly beds.

After a little resting and peeing I wanted to end the night on a good note, so I took my hair stylists recommendation for desserts at Extraordinary Desserts.  Little did I know but hair stylists have the best recommendations for dessert.  I need to get to know some more.  If you are in San Diego this is a must go in my book.

No post is complete without one pic of Mr. C.

Running Around with Holiday Glow

Workout: 3 miles (with an added hill) 12 minute miles (yes, I am still slow) and Ab Ripper X (about half of it)

The last couple years during the holidays has been rough, so this year I am determined to be in a happy holiday spirit.  If you come around me I will be smiling and not because I am sneaking  any of the happy juice. Just remember I warned you. None of the in your face holiday cheer; I am not pulling out my Christmas light necklace, reindeer ears or ornament earrings.  But I am making holiday cookies and mailing them out to all of my loved ones, well a select few.  I tend to have really big eyes.  I get these great ideas and make them as complicated as possible.  Then once I get started I realize how much work it is and think to myself  “Why did I make this so hard? It could have been so easy.”  I find it similar to my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  I have to be brought down to planet earth many a times.  While in the middle of my cookie project I thought about just using:

But then, you don’t get cookies like these:

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Or do you?  I’ll never tell.

I am still in the process of making 2 other types of cookies and boxes to put them all in.  It is a work in progress.  I hope to have them out by Thursday.  Next year, I have a much better plan.  Cookie exchange at my house everyone brings cookies and I eat them.

Sometimes Mr. C and I think about leaving So Cal because of how expensive it is here, but it just so hard to leave.  We just can’t leave…I would have to change my blog name.

This really is the best place for runners.  All of my Iowa peeps are complaining of snow and wind.  Here we have the festive lights and perfect weather.

Notice I am sporting my new t-shirt from the Phoenix race.

We have such awesome window displays to run by and find new things to buy….I could wear this to work, right?

Question for all the experienced runners out there…What do you use to keep your hair back that doesn’t slip?  Everything I try is absolutely driving me insane.  I had to resort to this ugliness tonight and that just isn’t going to work.  I have an image to uphold.  What if someone saw me?