8 Month Update

Mila is finally on the curve for an 8 month old.  We have reached the 10th percentile.  She now weighs 15 pounds 10 ounces up from almost 14 pounds last month.

This month Mila has developed a love of reading books.  I also taught her to turn pages.  She either turns the page or tries to eat the page.  All of her specialists are always amazed at how she is so interested in all the pictures and doesn’t want you to stop reading.

Mila’s favorite song is “If You’re Happy & You Know It.”  No matter how sad she is if you start singing this song she will automatically cheer up.  She loves all kinds of music.  I like playing her Bob Dylan so I am sure by the time she is older she will be pretty sick of him.

Mila still hates tummy time, but loves to try and sit up by herself.  She also has started giggling and it melts her Mama’s heart.

Mila loves going to the park and story time.  She loves to watch all the kids and see what they are doing.  She is a very observant baby.  I like to say she likes to be up in everybody’s business.  I finally let her go on the swings all by herself.  It took her awhile to get warmed up to it, but then she loved swinging.

One of her favorite trips this month was to The Gentle Barn They were having their 13th anniversary, so we went out to celebrate. The Gentle Barn is an amazing Non-Profit that helps animals and children.

Mila first got to meet the cows.  She wasn’t too sure about them at first, but warmed up quickly to the idea of seeing cows in real life instead of just a book.

Then Mila waited patiently for our turn to see the other animals.

Her favorite were the sheep.

She wasn’t sure what to do with this guy…

But she sure knew she didn’t want to be around the 1,000 pound pig.  She went to touch him but got scared and started crying.  I can understand why.  I didn’t even dare touch him and got Mila out of there as fast as possible hoping that pig would not wake up.

Mila is officially a beach bum. This month she went to the beach 3 days in a row.  First she took her cousins Ala and Amani twice

and then she went down to Newport Beach to meet her Uncle Daniel.  He did great with Mila, but I think he needs some practice.  Daniel could you babysit next week?

We can’t forget all the great places Mila went to eat or pretended to eat.

Mila is a great joy to have around.  Everyone thinks she is a great baby and that we are super lucky.  I have to agree.

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  1. Leslie

    I agree too. You guys are pretty lucky. Mila just gets cuter every time I see her and you take great pictures. I love the one of her in her stroller. The one of her drooling over the hamburger is hilarious and classic.

  2. Leslie

    Oh I forgot the one of her in her crib with her yarn wrapped M!! That’s my FAVE! And good job for reading her books. She will be a genius just like….her dad. And you eat at a place called Swingers? Now that’s just not right.

  3. Leslie

    Where did you go? I tried to talk to you on Facebook and couldn’t, AND Abe deleted me!! Is this because I voted for Romney??? Haha :-) I want to send a Christmas card and need your address.

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