Malibu Mila Turns 7 Months

Yes, I am very behind at posting.  But in good news Mr. C is supposed to be helping me design a new site in his already busy schedule, so be on the look out in the next 6 years. (Hopefully this is not as truthful as I imagine it might be.)

I know I have said this before but I can’t believe Mila is 7 months already, well technically I have never said exactly that because she just turned 7 months (8/5/12).  She is now almost 14 pounds, but since we are being technical she is 13 pounds 14 ounces.  I am afraid to put this on the record, but she has decided it is okay to take a nap. (This is no lie when I said 2 minutes after I typed this she woke up). She takes a nap for at least an hour most days.  She loves her papa so much.  Every time he walks in the room she lights up with a huge grin.  Maybe it is because I’m not the only girl he buys flowers for anymore.  Sorry boys, but Miss Mila now expects flowers for all special occasions and even some non-special ones.  It also doesn’t hurt to bring them for her Mama.


We started out the celebration by taking Miss Mila to my favorite store, Zara for a new birthday outfit. They were having a huge sale, so if you haven’t been get your little booty to the nearest one, but be careful because they all don’t have kids clothes. Also, if you don’t find anything you like you can just gaze at the adorable mannequins. The boy gets Miss Mila’s approval, she couldn’t stop gazing into his eyes. She also wanted to eat his face but I stopped her.

On a sad note, I remember the last time I went shopping at Zara for Mila. I ordered a bunch of things online when they were having a big sale. They were the first clothing items I ever purchased for her. I anticipated the package for weeks only for it to ironically arrive 2 days after Mila was born and on the same day of her 3rd Lumbar Puncture. When I saw the box I couldn’t stop crying since I wasn’t sure if Mila would ever be able to wear the perfect little clothes I picked out. I immediately took it and threw it into the depths of my closet in hopes that I would never see it again. It took me at least 3 months to open the package.

On a sunnier note, we decided to take Mila to the Malibu beach to celebrate her birthday. I have lost count of the number of times this little 7 month old has been to the beach, but she is proving to Los Angeles that their are more than just tan blonde beach babes. These are some of my favorite photos of Mila and me (and for good measure one of Mr. C).

Before heading out we decided we should get a parking ticket just so we can reach our goal of getting a parking ticket in every single part of Los Angeles County.

For dessert we decided to bypass the cupcakes this month ( I know, crazy). I have been wanting to try Harajuku Crepe

We didn’t forget the candles or the singing. Miss Mila is already licking her hands.

I suggest the Original Crepe with Strawberries, Nutella, Green Tea Ice Cream and whipped cream. Beware this is a eat in your hands kind of place, so if you are like Mr. C you better bring your own spoon. I personally prefer my hands.

Happy 7 Months, Mila.

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