Los Angeles Apple Picking

Mr. C and I were excited all week because we were going to drive out to Oak Glen, CA to go apple picking.  We both hadn’t been in years and despite the hot 80 degree weather we were going to make it seem like Fall.  To our disappointment we kept coming across this…

“Due to an unusually light crop, we are no longer able to offer U-Pick apples this season. However, we will be open until Thanksgiving weekend for U-Press Cider, Honey, Caramel Apples, Jam, Farm Animals and more.”

Although caramel apples and farm animals sound like fun just waiting for us I was determined to go apple picking.   As far as I had seen the apple crop is just fine this year.  I see many choices…

I am sticking with the granny smith because they make the best apple pie and as an added bonus they are on sale.  I didn’t have a problem filling my bag full.  Some of the best ones were on top; good thing I have long arms.

While looking around at some of the other items I saw that this “apple orchard” had homemade apple pies to pick up.  They were very tempting, but then what would I do with all these apples.

To insure the ultimate Fall experience they even had the best Fall reading material.  Nothing like seeing swimsuits on the cover in October.

To finish off our Fall experience we turned down the AC to 65 and sat in our sweaters and jeans eating some homemade apple pie (Sara Lee’s got nothing on me).  Nothing like the perfect Fall afternoon in Los Angeles.

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  1. Janice Lewellen

    even though it is a January 1st 2012 Sunday afternoon. I am looking at your apple pie thinking how much I need to be eating your apple pie. It sure looks yummy!

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