The Money Shot

Obama Schmobama, please don’t come back to Los Angeles ever.  He really ruins everything for me when he visits.  Last time he was here I had to sit in traffic for about 90 minutes to get the 3 miles from work to home. Apparently our President thinks it is an awesome idea to close down all of Century City at the prime time of rush hour in a city of millions.  Good thinking!

This time Obama was coming to West Hollywood.  I decided I would be super smart and not drive anywhere all day. I was patting myself on my back all night.  His visit didn’t affect me at all.  He is awesome.  What a great President.  Then reality set in when I went to get my car the next morning and it was no where to be found.  Stolen? Couldn’t be? I am just over looking it.  Mr. C will be able to find it.  Unfortunately, no.  We walked up and down our street numerous times.  The car is really not there.  Did I mention we park on a very steep hill?

Obama had my car towed because for some reason he couldn’t have any cars on that street.  What a pansy.  Maybe if he was as hard core as her

I wouldn’t be running into these problems.

Before getting my car I grabbed a bunch of cash from my stash under the bed.  It is in the shoe box.  No one looks there, right?

$252.50 later I had my car back.  That was some hard earned money.  When I say hard, I mean hard!

To drown in my sorrows I was going to make homemade cinnamon rolls.  As I was picking up some ingredients at the grocery store I saw a dozen of these bad boys for $2.50.  Can we just pretend I made them?

Cinnamon rolls or not, Obama I still want my $252.50 back plus $2.50 for my emotional distress.


  1. Celeste

    Wow that’s awful! Didn’t they give any public notice or anything? That is A LOT of money to be forking over for that!

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