How Much is Your Oatmeal Worth?

Over the weekend we had to make it a point to get up early (10AM) to pick up our tickets to the Hollywood Bowl for the Arctic Monkeys and TV on the Radio over in Brentwood.  This nice tall (6’5″) man sold us tickets that he won on a radio show.

Have you ever won anything on a radio show before?  I haven’t, but I did come close once.  When I was younger I used to always call in to the radio stations in Iowa but would always get a busy signal.  Sometimes it would even ring but no one would ever pick up. I probably let it ring 30 times before giving up.  One day, after hitting redial about 15 times someone picked up and said , “Congratulations, you are the 25th caller .”  I was speechless.  The person on the other end kept saying hello and I was silent.  “Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?” … Silence….  Click.  They hung up on me.  This is a true story and to this day I continually kick myself because I could have been a millionaire*, but my mouth wouldn’t say anything.

*Maybe not a millionaire, but I could have at least gotten free concert tickets to a show my parents probably wouldn’t have let me go to because I was too young.

I no longer call radio stations to try and win so my chances are pretty slim these days.  But the one tip I have for you if you do get on the radio is don’t forget to speak.

Since we were in Brentwood we decided to  try a breakfast place.  Mr. C had never been to Coral Tree Cafe , so it looked like a winner.

Mr. C ordered the Eggs Benedict…

Don’t be confused that is not Canadian Bacon, but some sort of lunch meat.  Umm I’m sorry Coral Tree Cafe, but that is not Eggs Benedict.

I had already eaten a light breakfast, so I decided to order the oatmeal.  Now, this wasn’t just any oatmeal.  It was $7.50 oatmeal.  When I ordered it I asked if they could put the gold flakes on the side and the lady just gave me a strange look.

If you were wondering what $7.50 gets you in oatmeal…

I do admit it was really really good, but I’m not sure if it was $7.50 good.  It is Oatmeal.

That night we went to the Hollywood Bowl and despite how horrible the picture may look these were the best seats we have ever gotten at the Bowl.  Unless you count a high school graduation I went to.  I had amazing seats, but almost fell asleep from boredom.

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  1. Janice Lewellen

    Just think how much you would have to pay to eat my famous and deliciously healthy oatmeal. Only the cost of an airplane ticket. That jet would be worth the ticket for the oatmeal I could service up. Somehow I think you won’t be coming…I could mail you a dry packet of it and you could cook it yourself, if you would like. I would do anything for you Marie…

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