Time for Some Chick-fil-A

I read somewhere that Felicity was on Netflix streaming.

I wish I could give credit to the Blogger or Facebook friend who is responsible for me sitting on the couch all day today watching half of Season 1.  Mr. C got home from a client meeting and asked me what I had been up to all day.  I tried to make the list sound long, but really all I did all day was buy some new jeans online, shower, put on make-up and watch Felicity.  Oh wait! I forgot I did take out the trash and it was a major disaster that I won’t be doing again anytime soon. Our trash bag sprung a leak that went all over the floor.  I am still working on the whole homemaker thing.  I have a feeling it takes a while to perfect.

You may be wondering how do I have all this time to do online shopping and Netflix watching, well I quit my job.  And I don’t miss it….at all.  I have been helping Mr. C with Business Development and Marketing, but since business is booming right now I have really been taking a lax approach to my job.  I have to admit though I am the perfect business partner for him.  I mean, what business partner would make you get out of the office to go to the grand opening of Chick-Fil-A in Hollywood? Not many.

And make you stand in a crazy long line in the hot Sun

As you can see someone is super excited about getting his chicken sandwich and waffle fries. Oh and we can’t forget the lemonade.

That smile is definitely not forced.

I couldn’t even finish all of mine.  But it was worth the wait, which to be honest really wasn’t that long.

You may be wondering why all the excitement about a Chick-Fil-A there’s one right down the street from me, well there aren’t any around here. The closest one is about 15 miles away and with LA traffic that is roughly…1 hour. Plus they have the best waffle fries anyone could ask for. We shared a table with some Italian tourists who were so excited about waffle fries. Apparently you can’t get those in Italy, you can only get the best food in the world, but not waffle fries. They went to town on them. I was amazed.

Besides where else can you get these adorable plush cows? Don’t we look cute together?

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