Mr. C is Full of Surprises

True Story…At breakfast, after Mr. C and I sat down and got all situated he looked at me with this excited look and said “I have a surprise for you!”  I got all excited because it is really hard to pull off a surprise with me and it is not something Mr. C does very often.  Then he pulls out his camera.  A smile was creeping on my face, my eyes got big and my heart started speeding up, “this is going to be good.” What could it be?  A new Mac Book Air?  A spa treatment? A vacation? Slyly he takes my camera and takes a picture of me with both of them.  Then he proceeds to show me the results.  Huh?  Where’s my surprise?  What is going on here? Quit messing around.  Mr. C proceeds to inform me that taking a picture with 2 cameras at the same time was really the surprise.  He doesn’t have anything for me.  “No really, give me my surprise and quit messing around.” Long Pause…”Sorry.”

Could someone please tell me why I would think that is cool?  I already have plenty of pictures of myself.  I gave him the biggest eye roll and was sure to tell him, as well as, the rest of the restaurant that is not a surprise and that he is majorly lame.  I hope he liked my surprise punch to the face.  I hit hard.

I’d like for him to remember his last trip to the hospital before pulling another one of these stunts.

Stay tuned for more of San Diego tomorrow.  We go to the zoo and eat lasagna.  It is exciting.

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