Running Around with Holiday Glow

Workout: 3 miles (with an added hill) 12 minute miles (yes, I am still slow) and Ab Ripper X (about half of it)

The last couple years during the holidays has been rough, so this year I am determined to be in a happy holiday spirit.  If you come around me I will be smiling and not because I am sneaking  any of the happy juice. Just remember I warned you. None of the in your face holiday cheer; I am not pulling out my Christmas light necklace, reindeer ears or ornament earrings.  But I am making holiday cookies and mailing them out to all of my loved ones, well a select few.  I tend to have really big eyes.  I get these great ideas and make them as complicated as possible.  Then once I get started I realize how much work it is and think to myself  “Why did I make this so hard? It could have been so easy.”  I find it similar to my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  I have to be brought down to planet earth many a times.  While in the middle of my cookie project I thought about just using:

But then, you don’t get cookies like these:

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Or do you?  I’ll never tell.

I am still in the process of making 2 other types of cookies and boxes to put them all in.  It is a work in progress.  I hope to have them out by Thursday.  Next year, I have a much better plan.  Cookie exchange at my house everyone brings cookies and I eat them.

Sometimes Mr. C and I think about leaving So Cal because of how expensive it is here, but it just so hard to leave.  We just can’t leave…I would have to change my blog name.

This really is the best place for runners.  All of my Iowa peeps are complaining of snow and wind.  Here we have the festive lights and perfect weather.

Notice I am sporting my new t-shirt from the Phoenix race.

We have such awesome window displays to run by and find new things to buy….I could wear this to work, right?

Question for all the experienced runners out there…What do you use to keep your hair back that doesn’t slip?  Everything I try is absolutely driving me insane.  I had to resort to this ugliness tonight and that just isn’t going to work.  I have an image to uphold.  What if someone saw me?

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  1. Celeste

    Cool idea about the cookies. Will you send me your address so I can send you a card? I’m trying to be good this year:p

  2. Diana Guzz

    Hi! I had to take a look at you long blog. It’s funny, entreating and makes me already miss LA since I’ll be gone for a while. You should get that dress for work or for you next time pic-nic evening.

    I need to star running too. Good night and sweet dreams

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