Mr. C Got Some Loving

I am not sure if I have given you the update on the whole blow dryer incident, but yes I did finally make it to Target and picked one up.  I couldn’t believe all the options.  I don’t know much about blow dryers, so I just got the pink one and prayed it would dry my hair.

Although the blow dryer has been taken care of; our flooding condition is still in process.  We have had contractors in tearing our walls apart, drilling holes into the ceiling and every time I walk by I am just hoping that someone is going to pay for all of this as our quote from the insurance company has not come back yet. I would show you a picture of what it looks like, but it would make you sad.  Our secret lies behind the curtain.

If anyone is wondering dealing with insurance companies is a nightmare.  They are not out to do what is best for you, but whatever is the cheapest for them.  I am going to fight until we get everything we want.  Besides the flooding our HOA told us there is some type of problem on our patio and they will need to be doing construction there as well.  This is how I feel about all of this.

Despite all this mess Mr. C and I have had a fun weekend.  On Friday night we decided to brave the nice world of our gayborhood and head to  Saint Felix.  Mr. C got majorly hit on, which he was surprisingly flattered about.  Our server kept rubbing his back and our neighbors kept flirting until they asked if we were on a date and I said…”You could call it that, we are married.”  I think Mr. C was more sad because he wouldn’t be getting anymore attention.  He fits right in.

On Saturday we celebrated our friends birthday.  He had a big shindig at Bar Food.  I got my filling of fried food for the year.  And thanks to them I have broken out on my chin.  At least it was good.

This place was a little strange.  I am not sure I will be back anytime soon.  If you are a big whiskey fan our server said they have the largest selection in the U.S.A.  He probably could have given us more useful information, but he wasn’t there a lot of the time.  I think it took 45 minutes to get the $2 hot dog that I heard used to be free.

The best way to end the night is getting cozy with Christmas lights.

And for Mr. C…a McFlurry

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  1. Amy

    We live in a HOA and if it is your upstairs neighbors flooding that is causing the damage their insurance company should be the one paying for it not yours! Also, check your decks, if it is pipes between the walls of the two units there is a good chance that the HOA association itself has a policy that covers issues associated with common walls since you don’t technically probably own that space.

    • mysocal

      Our HOA is actually pretty good. They are covering the whole deck thing. I am letting our insurance take care of going after the neighbors on the other issue. The saga continues, but I am hoping in the end everything ends up in our favor since we had nothing to do with any of this. It is one big waste of time. I think I should bill them for hours spent. I don’t come cheap.

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