Too Cool For School

Today I realized we eat out way too much.  Eating out is fun and a lot easier then cooking and cleaning, so it is the easy way out.  I went to go make something for breakfast this morning and there was absolutely nothing in my fridge.  I couldn’t even fake it with a piece of toast.  There was nothing.  There was no putting it off anymore.  We had to get our butts to the grocery store.  I am hungry.  But first we needed to go out to eat.  Since Mr. C and I are so cool, well at least me:

we decided to hit the local Swingers for some grub to stay too cool for school.

I had a very healthy lunch of a tuna melt and french fries.  Mr. C had some breakfast burrito and I am glad I got my tuna melt because this guy couldn’t stop eyeing his burrito the whole time.

After Breakfast/Lunch You would think now we would go to the grocery store.  Well, not quite yet.  I just want to make a quick trip all the way to Santa Monica.  It is not too far just 7 miles or so in traffic.  A hop, skip and a jump.  There is this rug I have been eyeing for months that I think we should go just take a look at.  No need to buy, unless of course Mr. C absolutely has to have it. Well, Mr. C loved it so we had to bring it home.  It is hard to see here, but it is beautiful and I just love it.

I think I will sleep here for the night.  Thank you.

We did make it to the grocery store and now have a full fridge and plenty of treats to keep Mr. C occupied for a few days.

We have no excuses now, we must eat at home this week.

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    • mysocal

      The awesome rug is from West Elm. It was def not a great deal, but sometimes you got to splurge.
      Sakura Rug

      I am glad you like my blog. Now if only I can talk 1 million more people into reading it.

  1. leslie

    Love the rug! Hate that you can eat junk food all the time and still be rail thin! Maybe if I took up running that would help? Or any type of exercise, ever?

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